Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tutorial on Moisturising the Hair Daily

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Today I would like to give some tips on how to moisturize the hair daily.

Things you need:
1. Extra Virgin Coconut oil
2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3. Shea Butter
3. Water

Spray some water in the hair and massage into the hair

Take a little bit of the Coconut Oil ( a little goes a long way)

Add some Shea butter and Olive Oil and melt it in your palm

Rub both hands together and massage into hair

Style as usual.

You can use any oil but olive oil and coconut oil are easy to get from the kitchen.
When the hair is moisturized daily, it prevents premature falling and it doesn't become dry and brittle.

Enjoy your curls!

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Moisturizing Black Hair 102

I talked about the use of oils and water to moisturize the hair in my previous post. Today I am going to talk about the procedure to moisturize and treat damaged hair. This doesn’t apply to only natural hair but to relaxed hairs as well.  Coconut Oil which is my staple oil is a natural oil which prevents split ends and helps to soften dry and brittle hair. It is not only good for the hair but for the skin as well. In fact that is what I use for my children’s skin. I tend to mix Coconut Oil with Shea butter for myself and it’s more than great. What I love about going natural is that I use products that are not harmful to use, so I can use my Shea butter and Coconut Oil and not bother washing my hands afterwards because it’s edible. WOW! If you are going in for Coconut Oil, the extra virgin one is ideal because though its cold processed, it hasn’t gone through so many processes to take more nutrients out. The beauty of it all is that you can pop into the kitchen and moisturize your hair. I Love this!
Procedure for Treating Damaged Hair:
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil (Optional), Honey and any other Carrier Oil or Essential Oil you have.
 2 tbs of Coconut Oil
2 tbs of Olive Oil
1 teaspoon of Jojoba Oil
1 teaspoon of Castor Oil (This is a sealant)
Honey which  is a humectant helps retain moisture in the hair
Add drops of Essential Oils
Mix all the oils and honey together in a bottle and shake
Put the bottle of oil in hot water to warm the oil
Apply from scalp to ends of hair and massage the scalp to enable the oil to penetrate into the hair follicle.
Cover hair with hot damped towel or a shopping bag.
Leave it for how many minutes or hours you want
Conditioner-wash (co-wash) hair and put in your desired leave-in conditioner
Style as usual.
Enjoy your hair!!
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Moisturizing Black Hair 101

Natural hair products and oils are by far the best products when it comes to moisturizing black hair. Petroleum based products choke up the scalp so please avoid them as much as possible. Though they have been used by our ancestors for generations, they do contain mineral oil or petroleum and what they do to our scalp is that they clog the pores of the scalp and dry the scalp by not allowing any moisture to be absorbed into the pores.
Using Shea butter and other ayurevidic oils can be very helpful because they are absorbed very easily into the pores of the scalp therefore do not cause any dryness. I have used Shea butter and other carrier oils and I wouldn’t go for anything else. By carrier oils; Olive Oils and Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil etc I mean oils that help carry other oils like essential oils (Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Lavender Oil) into the pores of our scalp and skin. Ayurevidic oils like Amla Oil and Brahmi Oils are also very good oils but some may contain mineral oil (liquid petroleum). You just have to read the
The structure of black hair is such that it dries easily and so should be moisturized on a daily basis with water and oil. Washing the hair regularly with shampoo also causes dryness because shampoos are made to strip the hair of whatever is in the hair. Conditioners are best for natural hair as they add to the hair. The ideal way in which oils and hair products can penetrate into the hair is by massaging the scalp after the product is applied. The ends of natural hair also dry quickly so it’s important to put more oil on the ends to avoid split ends.
The final thing I would like to add is that drinking plenty water does all the magic. When the body is moisturized from within, the end results will be a healthy skin and hair. Taking vitamins and exercising has helped me a great deal also.
Try different products to know the right ones for you.
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Friday, 25 March 2011

Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Hair

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair.

Had put in a weave.

Thanks for stopping by, I will be talking about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair today.
The transition stage which I also called the 'the anxious stage' was a crucial stage for me because I was eager to see my relaxed hair off. At the same time a part of me wanted the relaxed hair though it was a very tiny part I would say. I made sure I moisturised my hair daily with water and Shea butter and the results I got from the Shea butter made me 'fall in love' with it. My transitioning lasted for just 3 months because I preferred walking around with my TWA (teeny weene afro) than to change my mind which I wasn't going to! The reason why I used water and Shea butter was because after I realised that most of the hair creams, shampoos and conditioners I used contained toxic chemicals, I binned everything. This is not because I was going natural NO but because my health mattered to me. A great deal! The Shea butter made my new growth so soft and manageable. 
Natural hair always needs water to be moisturised and also to avoid dryness.  I had so many styles done especially braid out and twist outs.
It depends on when you want to do the BC (big chop) because not everyone wants to carry a TWA also this is the right time to find good products for your hair. You can also visit salons to do your hair but I believe the fulfilment you will get from doing your own hair is immeasurable.
The next thing is please treat both hairs the same; avoid straightening the natural hair to fit the relaxed hair. Since natural hair is stronger, it's ideal not to use too much heat so it maintains its elasticity.
Love your hair because it's your real hair.
Enjoy your natural journey.
Please comment and ask any questions you have.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Transitioning to Natural

Had to chop my own hair on the 1st of December 2010

I had given birth to my second born and I realised my relaxed hair was in a bad shape. I really didn't know what to do about my hair so I decided to have some treatment done as usual, and then put in some braids. I always thought damaged hair needed braids meanwhile the more I braided my hair, the more my hair weakened. This is because I wasn't allowing my scalp to rest. Somewhere around the end of August 2010 was when I had my last relaxing but truthfully I didn't know that was going to be my last relaxing. I started researching into natural hair and I got so much information on the internet especially YouTube. On YouTube I found out natural hair was not boring after all because I had the notion that the moment I go natural, I wouldn't know what to do with my hair AGAIN! So it meant going natural was my last resort. I visited a website called Nappturality and I was blown away by what I read there concerning the chemicals in the things we use. Click on this link and you will be shocked yourself. lol


I therefore decided to go natural not only with my hair but my skin and even to eat more organic foods. I transition for just three months because I was so eager to 'chop' off my relaxed hair, I didn't need it again. lol
On 01/12/2010, I removed my braids and did my big chop. What I have told myself is that if I was able to relax my hair for about 10 years then I will try going natural for 10 years to see how long my hair will get. Many of us have relaxed our hair for over 10 years now but our hair hasn't gotten on our shoulder level, try going natural for just 3 years and it will pass the shoulder level. I also believe going natural means we are being true to ourselves. My hair is about 7 months old now and I love it so much, I get so many things to do with it courtesy YouTube. The most insane thing I used to do was to drive for about 90 miles to get my hair done because there is no salon whatsoever in the area I live. How INSANE! I do my own hair now including braiding, twisting, flat braiding you name it. No one touches my hair which I like and this means I am responsible for what I do to my hair. I am free and I love it!!!

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