Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stretching My Hair Using African Threading

Well today I'm kinda going back to my

I don't usually fancy blow drying, so all I do is I plait my hair and leave it in for some hours, then take it off.

How it's done

All you need is a thread, shea butter to soften your hair and a comb.

Take a section of the hair and hold your hair at the roots with your thumb and in index finger.
Place thread at the roots of the hair and wrap around the section anti-clockwise.

This can also be used as a protective style

Enjoy your hair.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hair Style of the Week - Side Braid

Hi everyone,

Well just to show you pictures of the style I did for church service. It's my own style so I have named it side-braid. This can be done on relaxed or natural hair.

This is the only side that was braided.
What I did was I flat twisted my right side and braided the rest of the hair.

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Try out the style and let me know how iit went.
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