Wednesday, 27 July 2011


An African celebrity rocking her natural hair in braids.
Dearest Chicas,

I am very elated once again to have an audience with you. I have started knitting as well and I am very happy about it. At the moment I am knitting two scarves and two hats for my kids in wait for
Well today I would like to talk about STYLING under our broad topic.

When it comes to styling, some may find it very daunting and others are very good at it. What I have come to realise is that with natural hair, getting different styles like Bantu knots, Twists, Twist Outs, Braids, Braid Outs and many more is a bit easier than when I had relaxed hair. The reason why styling and protective styling for that matter is very important for our hair growth is that with protective styling your hair length can be maintained and this will result in longer hair.

If you have either relaxed or natural hair, you can put your hair in buns, braids, cornrows just to protect the ends for some time. Also manipulating our hair every now and then doesn’t help the hair to maintain its length and I always believe there are times we need to put our combs down and leave our hair to grow Lol. I understand y’all, it’s a girl’s thing to stand in front of the mirror and manipulate our hair here and there. Lol
I have also started a growth challenge and this will last for 6 months, I hope to achieve 6 more inches by the end of January, so I will put in some braids for some weeks. I mentioned 6 inches because normally hair grows half an inch a month so if I want an inch a month then I need to protect my hair from all sorts of damage. That’s a big challenge but we will overcome.

Why don’t you join me in this challenge so we ‘grow’ together and motivate each other?
Hope you have been blessed by this post.

Love you to bits

TFT (Thoughts for Today): “The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief”.


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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hello Chicas,

Hope you are all doing great by the grace of God.

Very sorry for the one week break, I had a long weekend because of my birthday and also preparation towards my online store as it will be launching soon. I miss you guys by the way.

Okay, today’s topic is TRIMMING OR DUSTING: For those who aren’t familiar with the word dusting, it is the same as trimming but often used in the natural hair
 Trimming or dusting is very important in our hair care regime but there are couple of myths that make more chicas trim their hair very often and this retards their hair growth.

Well the first myth is the fact that trimming frequently prevents split ends: the fact is splits not only occurs at the tips but also in the lower third of the hair and this is where the hair is liable to damage. So if this myth is right then if you have a very long hair, you always have to cut to the lower third, this shouldn’t be the case. A Split end occurs when the hair is damaged through straightening, dyeing and applying heat to the hair constantly. So the best way to prevent split ends is to protect the hair from heat, brushing through tangled hair and damage in general.

 The next myth is that Trimming makes hair grow faster: The growth rate of hair can be due to the diet, gene or hormones of an individual and the reason why some ladies don’t see growth is that their hairdressers cut off their hair at every visit for the sake of trimming and they end up not seeing growth. What happens on the tip of the hair has no connection on what happens at the root, so in effect trimming does not grow hair faster.

 In a nutshell, I believe trimming the hair depends on an individual and when the hair is healthy, constant trimming is not necessary. The only person who enjoys frequent trimming is the

 Have a wonderful day.

  Love y'all


Jo xoxo

TFT (Thoughts for Today): Live today as if it’s your last, yesterday is buried and tomorrow lies with yesterday. If you live today as it were your last, you wouldn’t procrastinate.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hello there Chicas,

 Hope this post found you well

 I am still on maintaining our hair to achieve a desired length. Well the next tip is Deep Conditioning: This might seem not important but if your hair has gone through so many manoeuvres like blow drying, constant brushing and even the scorching sun then I believe there is a need to feed it every week. I always say that when we realise that our hair has life like our skin does then we will begin to treat it with care. The hair needs healthy food to grow and conditioning or deep conditioning the hair is a very good way of replenishing the hair of everything it has lost.

 I deep condition my hair every week after doing my weekly treatments such as hot oil treatment and using herbs and after deep conditioning, my hair feels nourished.

If you are someone who puts in braids and weaves every time then it is best you deep condition before and after because the braids and the weaves leave our hair dry and brittle.


Deep Conditioning reduces the damage caused by brushing and styling of the hair.

Deep Conditioners help bounce the hair back from dryness.

The elasticity of the hair is improved
Deep Conditioning the hair for about 30 minutes a week makes the hair healthy

 So deep conditioning the hair helps the hair to grow because the cuticles are closed and therefore there will be no breakage.

 There is a post on how I condition my hair so please read if you need help with it.

 Really Love you for stopping by to read. Have a blessed day!

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 Love y’all


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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hello Chicas,

Drying the hair is the next point under maintaining our hair length. These hot summer months are ideal for drying our hair without the blow dryer. I believe this is the time to have a break from the damaging heat and allowing the hair to dry naturally.
What I usually do is to allow extra time for my hair to dry because my hair is thick, so I do other stuff since I am a busy mum of two I always have stuff to do. Lol
The next tip is allowing your hair to dry by dripping; this is because when you towel dry natural hair, it can create frizz which can cause the hair to tangle.
Whilst my hair is drying by itself, if I want to step out briefly I accessorize with bands and clips
Hope this post helped you. Enjoy the summer with your healthy long hair.


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Friday, 8 July 2011


Hi ladies,

Well we are still on growing long black hair. Achieving long black hair is the desire of every woman but most women do not maintain their length as a result of wearing weaves and braids for long periods.

 Wearing weaves can appear very horrible and fake to others, and most men would prefer ladies who carry their own long healthy hair. It would be great having your own hair be it relaxed or natural, long and healthy. Let’s face it your man will be more attracted to someone who will take time to learn more about her hair than someone who will wear a weave to feel beautiful. The addiction that comes with weaves and braids is so great that I don’t understand. No wonder my husband kept saying “why don’t you leave your alone, I love it real”. After going natural, he would ask what I will be doing with my hair because he’s realised I do different styles every week. In fact he sometimes asks me to do a particular style. Isn’t this beautiful!

Have you thought about how long your hair stays in weaves and braids without washing, don’t get me wrong I am not saying occasional weaves are bad but putting in weaves after weave or braids after braid does not allow you to clean your hair in weeks which can prevent a healthy growth of hair.

No matter how you choose to wear your hair; relaxed or natural, I believe you need to leave your hair for sometime in order to do your treatment and care for it as the hair also needs food to grow. Good products such as natural hair products and natural oils grow the hair long and healthy.

The products I use can all be found on this blog, please go to the different treatments such as conditioning, deep conditioning etc to check them out.

Hope this really helped. Love your hair

Love you!!


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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello there!
Hope you are enjoying the sun, anyway I have been busy putting things together for my online store. 
 My next topic under growing long black hair is Scalp Stimulation: One way of stimulating your scalp is by massaging the scalp. Massage is an act of kneading and rubbing the body or skin to stimulate circulation and relieve tension. The best way to massage the scalp is to put pressure on the scalp; this helps blood to circulate to the hair follicles, relaxes the scalp and body and helps to strengthen hair roots. Natural oils are usually the ideal oils to use during massaging of the scalp because they condition the hair and reduces dandruff which interferes with hair growth. Since I went natural, I have realised there is no dandruff in my hair because I used to suffer with dandruff when I had relaxed hair.
Some oils which will help with hair growth are:

            Coconut Oil – helps to slow down the natural shedding of hair
         Almond Oil / Lavender Oil – reduces hair breakage
            Rosemary Oil – stimulates the hair follicles therefore producing new growth

Among these oils I have used Coconut, Almond and rosemary oils and I can attest to them. For procedure in using your oils, please go to my blog under moisturising black hair.

Love your hair

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hello! Ladies,

Are you tired of your relaxed or natural hair breaking?

Is your relaxed or natural hair thinning?

Do you have dry and brittle hair?

Are you planning to go natural but you don't know how to take care of it or the styles to do?

Are you already natural but do not have any regimen and you feel like going back to relaxing?

Do you need someone to talk to about your hair?

Do not hesitate, email me or call me on the below contacts and we will have girl talk. Lol

Follow me on Twitter: @sheabeutimia

My Facebook Page:!/pages/Sheabeutimia/208725959196536?sk=wall

With my experience in cosmetology and reading a lot about hair and how to care for it, I believe your questions will be answered.

What are you waiting for? Call or email today and you will be happy you did. This is free of charge.

Visit my Online Store: for you fresh natural handmade cosmetics.

Much Love!!
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