Monday, 26 December 2011

Wash and Go with Eco Styler Gel


Nice to have a chat with you once again.

At long last my wash and go went well. This is because this time my hair was dripping wet and this made the eco styler gel work well on my hair.This product is amazing! It can be used on relaxed hair as well. The fact that it's got olive oil as the base and no alcohol in it makes me love it. You can get this product on Amazon at £3.87 (950ml)
We are past those times when everything we use is chemicalised. lol

Things Needed:
Eco Styler Gel (Olive Oil), Tail Comb, Shea Butter, Sheadermis Leave-in Conditioner, Sheadermis Hemp Moisturising Conditioner, Spray bottle containing water

How to use:
Co-wash  hair with conditioner
Apply your leave-in conditioner and Shea butter whilst hair is a bit damp
Spritz your hair with the bottle of water (dripping wet)
Apply the eco styler gel by pressing the gel on the hair if your hair is short. With long hair, section the hair and stretch the hair with the eco styler gel section by section..
Style the hair with the end of the tail comb
You are ready to go.

Thanks for reading. Please comment to ask any questions.

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Enjoy your curls!
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Hello everyone,

The Christmas season is here again and I know everyone is busy putting bits and pieces together to achieve a wonderful Christmas.
My prayer for you all is that the coming year will be a year of favour and many blessings.
God willing the coming year will see the launch of my online store and its going to be packed with all your skin and hair needs.

Stay blessed y'all


Thanks for everything, I Love You!!

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hello everyone,

 Thanks once again for stopping by, hope you enjoy the topic for today and this topic isn’t just for naturalistas but for relaxed hair as well. Well before I begin, I would like to let you guys know that for about a month now I have been trying to lose some weight and though it is tough, I have been able to lose 5kg and almost 3 inches around my waist. That is from 63kg to 58kg overall and 33inches to 30 inches around my waist. This is all to the glory of God. If you would like to know exactly how I did it please email me but anyway I will add a post on how I have done it so far. Still going on!!! Lol

 Yes black hair can grow as long as you want.

Well I will be talking about Diet and Exercise today: this has really helped my hair to grow very fast because as the saying goes we are what we eat, I believe what we eat and drink make or break us.

Attaining a healthy and long hair I believe starts from within. After going natural, I decided to change the way I eat to a more healthy choice other than fast foods and refined foods and this has helped my hair and skin to flourish permanently. I look into the mirror and I say to myself wow! Though I eat healthy, I also take multivitamin for the effects on the skin, hair, bones etc.

My diet include dried fruits, homemade Stir fry (rice), pasta with vegetables mixed, homemade lasagne, roast potatoes and chicken with vegetables (roast diner), more and more salads and raw fruits. Beans part of the legume family also promotes hair growth as it contains more protein, iron, zinc and biotin.

Exercise helps to reduce stress and promote hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp. It also slows down the aging process. In my weekly routine, I try as much as possible to exercise three times and this includes using the tread mill and tummy exercises. What I believe is that with the little edge you have, you can excel in everything. “It is not the will to win but the will to prepare to win that counts” Brian Tracy.

So these are the stuff I do to achieve great hair growth, flourish skin and overall fitness.

Hope this really helped, email me at if you have any question regarding your hair or you need encouragement in losing weight.

Have a blessed day, thanks again for stopping by I appreciate you.


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