Thursday, 23 February 2012

Attaining 7.5 Inches of Hair by December

Hello Everyone,

Hope this post finds you well.

Hair growth is one vital thing every woman wants to achieve and an average hair grows 1/2 to 3/4 inch a month. Yet most women retain just a tiny fraction of the stated growth. On the contrary, if you have been able to achieve 3-4 inches in the past 6 months then you've done well but why not push for more lengths.
So why do most women not retain their lengths? The answers are:

* Using the appropriate techniques and the right things, you can grow the hair very long in the shortest possible time. This is because using the right ingredients will renew your cells, nourish your hair and promote new growth. An example is on my wash day 2weeks ago, I saw some new growth as I rinsed my hair and I was so happy because I knew at least I was doing things right.

* Sticking to a strict regimen is one way to achieving the 7 1/2 inches by december. Getting a regimen can be very daunting when you are a young naturalista but once you get a regimen going and stick to it strictly, you can be assured of greater lengths. Up until my protective styling weeks, I wash my hair every week and that really helped me greatly to achieve my lengths. Protective styling is a great way of growing longer hair.

* Keep a Journal - keeping journals are very great because you will be able to tell what product you used and what they are doing for you. You will also get to measure your hair once every month to track your hair growth. Get a book and write down your hair journey. It won't hurt but help your hair grow longer.

* Scrutinize all the products you use, make a note of how they respond to your hair. This helps you to know your hair better. I didn't know my hair was protein sensitive until I used the Oyin handmade honey hemp conditioner which caused me so much breakage because of the protein in it.. Throw away any product that doesn't add anything to your hair and start afresh. Avoid products with petrochemicals, silicones and parabens.

* You are what you eat therefore when you eat too much of fried foods and fast foods, your hair wouldn't get any nutrition because remember your hair and nails are the last to get whatever you take in. Eat more leafy vegetables, fruits (frozen or fresh), fish, legumes and all the healthy foods.

* Water Therapy - drinking lots and lots of water not only detoxes you but also makes your skin radiant and helps your hair to grow. I love water and drinking about 1liter of water early in the morning before brushing your teeth is very good for a healthy shiny hair.

* Taking your vitamins also helps to supplement the food you eat but you should consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

This has been a long post but I hope you've enjoyed reading. Send me an email about your journey and let's get growing together.

Stay blessed!

Much Love!

Jo xoxo

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Natural Hair Regimen: Ayurvedic Treatment

Hi everyone,

My work out is really going well and what I have realised is I have become a bit light because I don't eat too much.
Well guys, today I want to talk about one part of my hair regimen which is my ayurvedic treatment. The herbs I use for this treatment are the Amla powder, Brahmi powder, Shikakai powder, Maka powder and the Aritha soap nuts which is the cleanser.

How it's done
First of all, I pre-poo my hair overnight but some naturalistas prefer to pre-poo some hours before using the powders. For pre-pooing check my post on pre-poo.
Note: It's important to pre-poo because the powders are natural and strong.
So early in the morning I mix my powders which are as below;

How to mix the powders
2 tbs of the Amla powder
1 tbs of Brahmi powder
1 teaspoon of Maka (optional)
1/2 teaspoon of Aritha soap (natural shampoo)
1/2 teaspoon of Shikakai powder (optional because it's a bit drying)

So after leaving it to soak for about an 15mins with olive oil, I take off the plastic bag on my head and massage the paste in my hair. This stays in my hair covered with a plastic bag again for about 45mins.
I then rinse it out of my hair and conditioner wash (co-wash) my hair with my Aubrey Organics conditioner.
I style by twisting or flat twisting.
The next morning which is usually a sunday, I take out the twists to achieve my twist-out.

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Love your hair!!
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Ayurvedic Treatment to Promote Hair Growth


Sorry for the long break, hope you all enjoyed the hoildays.
Talking about my ayurvedic treatment has spurred me to talk more on the benefits of the powders I use.

*The Amla Powder - The Amla powder is derived from the powdered dried of gooseberry fruit. Amla really conditions the hair, thickens the hair and slows down hair loss. Whenever I use the Amla my becomes very soft and retains the natural colour. It also prevents premature graying.

*The Brahmi Powder - This ayurvedic powder also conditions my hair, strengthens and maintains my hair roots, cures dandruff because to be honest I don't see any dandruff in my hair after going natural. Hair loss can be treated by using the brahmi, controls split ends and the end result is usually long hair and denser hair.
It's been 5 months now since I big chopped and my hair is more than 3 inches. Let's calculate, if normal hair grows 1/2 an inch every month then I should have 2 1/2 inches. This clearly shows my hair is really

*The other powders which are shikakai and the Aritha soap nuts are also very good but the Aritha for instance is the natural shampoo which is drying whilst shikakai also cleanses and also a bit drying but promotes hair growth.

I get my powders from my local indian shop and it's about £1 per powder.

Hope you will try these powders on your hair be it relaxed or natural. Love your hair because that's is the most important thing.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sweet Almond Oil / Almond Oil To Promote Hair Growth

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you well,

Well today I will be talking about almond oil. First of all the difference between sweet almond oil and almond oil is that sweet almond oil comes from the part of the almond plant that produces white flowers and almond oil comes from the part of the plant that produces pink flowers. It is an essential oil.
As we all know that eating whole almonds as part of a balanced diet helps to improve our weight and health in general. This is because the nuts have protein, minerals and good fat in them.

In terms of using this oil for the hair, It's just amazing!  I decided to blog this because three days ago I read about what almond oil does to the hair and decided I would give it a try. I just couldn't believe I had this oil sitting in my oils container for all this while. Using it for only two days now has brought sheen to my hair, my hair has become thick and very soft. What the almond oil does is it helps circulation in the scalp and produces strong hair.  Almond oils can also be used for the skin because they contain vitamin E which reduces inflammation and irritation to the skin.

My Growth Serum can be massaged into the scalp some minutes before conditioning or just used as part of moisturising the hair daily. It is so amazing that I have seen growth since I started using it.

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11 Months Natural

Enjoy your hair!!

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Stay blessed!

Much Love!!
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Friday, 10 February 2012

Product Review: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to share with you a product I used which has really helped my hair. It's the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturising Conditioner, long name huh?

This conditioner is ideal for dry and brittle hair, it makes my hair ultra soft and very smooth, The one thing I like about this product is that it doesn't contain protein but the downside is that it is so thick that it is very difficult to rinse out.

I used it for about 5 months and stopped because I now use my own brand; Sheadermis Hemp Moisturising Conditioner. This conditioner is amazing because it defines my curls and makes my hair manageable and it is also suitable for natural and relaxed hair. It also doesnt contain protein.

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Love your hair

Much Love!!

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Product review: Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturising Conditioner

Hey Gals,

Sorry it’s been about a week now since I added a post. I have been very busy with my online store and studies. Hope you all are doing great.

I am very excited because my online store will be launched in a few weeks and I tell you the work involved is massive but God has been good.

Well you know I talked about my new conditioner in my last post. I used this conditioner and it was amazing because I mixed it with flaxseed oil and olive oil before applying to my hair. My hair became so soft for almost a week and this was the result of the flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is the same as linseed oil just for your information.

The Jessicurl Too Shea! has good ingredients like lemongrass, nettle, burdock, kelp, marshmallow root, horsetail, basil, aloe vera juice, rosemary and many goodies. There is behentrimonium methosulphate present but that is derived from rapeseed oil and helps with detangling the hair but my hair falls a lot when I use it.

I will not be purchasing this conditioner again and have stopped using it as I have started making my own conditioner. In fact my conditioner really went well and I didn’t see any hair in the shower when I conditioned my hair. The reason why I will not buy the Too Shea! again is because it’s expensive and my own brand Sheadermis Hemp Moisturising Conditioner is much better and cheaper.

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Have a blessed day y’all

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*Please watch out for another page on this blog containing pictures from when I started my natural hair journey.

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Monday, 6 February 2012 - Your Store for Natural Goodies

Hello everyone,

I would like to officially introduce to you my online store;

Sheabeutimia is your online store for fresh Natural Handmade Cosmetics made mainly from Shea Butter. Our Whipped Shea Butters, Body Creams, Hand and Body Lotions, Lip Balms, African Black Soaps and Organic Handmade soaps are all Fresh and made with you in mind.

The other products we deal in are Hair Accessories & African Clothing and we also give you tips in caring for your hair and skin.

What makes Sheabeutimia stand out is our focus in bringing you the best value for money and we believe it is important to bring you the best natural product to achieve a healthy hair and skin.

Since I also use my unrefined Shea butter / Shea butter Whipped and all other products in this store for my hair and skin, I would not sell anything different to you.

Finding a good product is the concern of everyone whether you have relaxed or natural hair, we know that, therefore we try our possible best to sell you products that do not in any way contain parabens, silicones or sulphates.

There are also videos and a blog on how to take care of your hair and skin.

We understand you need to know every ingredient in hair products, so we are transparent as possible.

We hope this store gives u what u looking for and hoping again to build a long term relationship with you and your beautiful hair and skin.

Stay Blessed!

Jocelyn Minta
Managing Director, Sheabeutimia
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A Sneak Peek at My Web Store:

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you well.

Today I am giving you a sneak peek at my Web Store so enjoy!!
Our 100% Organic Whipped Shea Butter infused with natural oils.

Sheadermis hand &body lotion is packed with natural oils and Shea butter. This lotion moisturises dry hands and body and also perfect for oily skin.

Our growth Oil helps strengthen the hair and promotes hair growth.

Our African Black Soap is very moisturising because it has been infused with essential oils and Aloe Vera Gel.

Alice Band with bow made from chiffon fabric.

Sheadermis Lavender is 100% Organis Shea butter Whipped Infused with Natural Oils and Essential Oils.

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My Natural Hair Regimen #2: Conditioning

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#12 My Natural Hair Regimen #1: Detangling

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