Monday, 26 March 2012

Daily Conditioner Wash

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you well. I am touching on this topic because some ladies do not have any idea of what to do when they go natural for the first time. Washing hair with a conditioner isn't a crime but doing it everyday can be a bit damaging.

Some people prefer to use a cheap conditioners everyday because the conditioner is affordable forgetting that most of these affordable conditioners contain silicones.

What silicones does to the hair is they leave heavy build-up on the hair strands and most of these conditioners have tons of protein in them as well. Excess protein on hair causes the hair to become so dry and brittle and as time goes on, the hair begins to fall off and we all know how losing hair can be stressful.

Conditioners like Suave and V05 have silicones in them so when buying a conditioner, I would prefer going for conditioners with only natural ingredients. As I always say "google the ingredients if you don't know them".

You can part with these conditioners or reduce the amount of times you use them of which once a week is fine.

Instead of washing your hair with conditioner everyday, why don't you try plain water. Your hair will be grateful you did.

Have a blessed day and remember to "Love Your Hair Because It's Your Glory".

Much Love!

God Bless You!

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