Friday, 22 June 2012

My Second Experience With The Flexible Rods

Hello Everyone!

Hope this post finds you well.
I have done it again!! The flexible rods and its so so so so AMAZING!!!!
I just love it because it saves me time since I have a busy schedule looking after my two gorgeous boys, studying and running a business.

This is how the flex-rods look like on my twisted hair.

After taking the rods out. My twists are coiled and I kept this style for the whole of saturday.

I used my hands to untwist and style but used a comb to loosen the roots of my hair.

This is the back. My hair has good sheen due to using my growth cream which can be used to style hair as well and has all the natural goodies like castor, jojoba,herbs and much more!

Loved ones, this is my second experience and I really love it. I will be using the rods very often and looking forward to trying the curlformers as well. Will keep you updated when I buy the curlformers. The rods can be used on hair that is not twisted as well.
If any of you has tried these rods, please share your experience here and if you want to try this out but don't know how to go about it, please let me know.

Stay blessed, Much Love!!
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

My First Experience With The Flexible Rods

Hello Everyone,

Hope this post finds you well. This is a short post to show you how my first flexible rods turned out. I love love it!! I forgot to take a picture of the rods in my hair though. Lol.

The rods made my hair so soft and smooth that I will be using then often. I did an updo after church which lasted for a week. Not bad at all!!

If you have used the flexible rods before please let me know how you feel about it and if you will be trying it out, let me know how it went.

Have a blessed day!
Much Love!

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Protein and Hair

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you well. My regimen has been very simple in recent times; twisting my hair and keeping it in for a month. I have decided to revert to a bi-weekly regimen because I miss my weekly washes, so at least 2 weeks isn't bad. Lol.

 Today I am touching on Protein and the damage it can cause to our hairs.

First of all, What is hair? Hair is Protein. Hair is keratin that grows out of the follicles and all the hairs seen on our scalp, arms, legs etc are dead cells. The entire life of each strand of hair on the scalp is from 3 - 6 years.

What is Protein? Protein is made up of long chains of amino acids. Our bodies need protein to perform well therefore what protein does is, it helps with the growth, maintenance and repair of all cells in the body. So if you are not getting enough protein in your diet, you hair will suffer.

On the downside, protein can be damaging if not used carefully. Conditioning the hair properly is key to maintaining the growth of the hair. However, not all conditioners are the same.

Some conditioners are formulated to add moisture and some add strength. The conditioners that add strength have a key ingredient called protein. Protein is very good but unfortunately many products on the market today have some amounts of protein and this makes a good thing bad. An overdose of protein can cause serious breakage to the hair strands such that the only option will be to cut the hair.

I once had an encounter with protein when I started going natural. My hair experienced some serious breakage and this was due to the Oyin Handmade Hemp Conditioner I used, it has silk proteins in it. Since then I haven't used protein on my hair again.

Recently, I decided to make my own light protein conditioner and this has helped my hair so much though during this pregnancy I have seen some hair loss, I know my hair will revert back to how it was when the baby comes out.

I will surely share with you how my hair has been during my first natural pregnancy.

Point To Note:
*Always be mindful of the protein contents in your product and check out for proteins gotten from silk worms because they are very strong.

*Don't condition with a protein conditioner and use a leave-in with protein as well.

*Never leave protein conditioners in your hair longer than it is suggested on the packaging.

*Even when doing homemade protein treatment like avocado and egg, dont leave it in for long. 

*Protein treatments should not be done regularly unless it's a light protein which can be used every two weeks.

How Have You Reacted to Protein Throughout Your journey?

Hope this post helped.

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Much Love!!

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