Monday, 24 September 2012

My Basic Hair Essentials

Freshly washed hair.

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you well. I know it's been a long time since y'all saw my hair.
Freshly washed hair.
 My hair is 21 months this month and I just cant wait to be 2 years natural. The journey has been good and very liberating though there has been sometimes when I felt like blow drying my hair because it shrinks so much. Nonetheless, it's been good. I have finally put down my scissors and I am no more obsessed with how long my hair is and this has given me the peace of mind to go about my business whiles growing my hair. My goal of hip length still stands though. lol

I have noted down some basic things you need for your hair and I believe one doesn't need too many stuff to have a healthy hair.

1. Water: I picked water as the first thing because to have a healthy hair, one needs to wash the hair regularly. This could be weekly or bi-weekly. When the scalp is clean then the hair can grow but clogged  pores prevents the hair from growing.

2. Hair Journal: Writing down the things you do to your hair is very important because you are able to know the products that are helping and a better way to handle your hair. I started keeping a journal strictly since February of this year and I'm so glad I did because along the way I was able to identify my bad hair days.

3. Oil: Oiling the hair hours prior to washing helps strengthen the hair and encourages growth. Remember, when I say oil I mean good natural oils like Olive, Coconut, Almond, Avocado etc do not clog the pores of the scalp but penetrates the scalp. Oils also serve as great sealers when moisturizing the hair.

4. Conditioner: A conditioner that doesn't contain silicones, sulphates and petrochemicals helps to moisturize the hair and goes to the extent of helping the hair to grow. If your hair is drying out frequently then you might want to check the ingredients in your conditioner or maybe you are not moisturizing enough.

5. Combs: Combs are good but can be very deadly to hair especially if your hair is very coily and curly like mine. The only time I use a comb is when there is conditioner in my hair. When I started natural, I would comb my hair even when it was dry and this resulted in me having a sore scalp. The hair structure; how the cuticles lie on the hair strands can be also altered with too much comb.  The denman brush on the right is a good detangling brush but too much of it can also alter the hair structure. I use mine once to none a month.

This is my best ever comb. It's great!

I prefer finger combing when detangling my hair to combs.

6. Butters: After washing the hair, you need a good butter like shea, mango, avocado etc to stretch your hair with. 
These butters protects the hair from the harsh effects of the sun, wind and cold weathers.

7. Plastic caps: These are very good when it comes to keeping the heat in your hair when conditioning and when moisturizing your hair. These have helped me a great deal because I have seen a lot of growth since using them. You can get them from Amazon UK / USA. Click on the widget on your right.

8. Satin Caps: These caps help with breakage when sleeping thus are the best compared to cotton or polyester. There is the satin scarf as well if this is not your preference.

Hope you this post helped. 
Have you tried any of these things? Please share your experience.

Much Love, Stay Blessed!

Jo xoxo

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Wonder Oil: Hemp Seed Oil

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you well. How is your hair doing? We are all interested in how these oils are helping each one of us, so please share your experience. 

Today, I will be talking about this wonderful oil which is not very known by many ladies. This is Hemp Seed Oil. Yes, I meant Hemp. The plant is a member of the cannabis sativa family which marijuanna belongs to.

Hemp seed oil is known to be a versatile oil due to it's Omega-6, Omega-3 and Omega-9 content of essential fatty acids. It is cold pressed from the seed of the hemp plant. The wonderful thing about hemp seed oil is that it behaves just like our skin oils so it penetrates the cells in our bodies and lubricates between them. Wonderful isn't it?

Health Benefits:
This can be bought from Amazon at a good price.
The presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids helps with heart diseases and skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis and being the only plant with vitamin D, it helps to absorb calcium.
With its pleasant nutty flavour, hemp seed oil can be used as in salad dressings or dips.

Hair & Skin Care Benefits:
*Hemp seed oil has vitamin E along with essential fatty acids thus makes the oil provide an emollient action on the skin and hair. This means it has a softening effect.

*Hemp seed oil helps thicken hair and alleviate dandruff from the scalp. It also has an anti-inflammatory property.

*Hemp seed oil helps with the irritation of the scalp and skin.

As the winter weather creeps in slowly it's time to moisturise the hair and skin well to minimize breakage and dry hair.

Braiding and weaving  alone, doesn't take care of our hair. Treating the hair with good products and good oils will help the hair to fight the dry weather. The cold and sunny weathers all dry out the hair and black hair is dry naturally so all our hair needs is moiture (water) and good food (good products).

Hair Treatment:
*Get yourself a good shampoo or conditioner containing hemp seed oil and use it as a deep conditioner or a normal conditioner.

* 30ml Hemp Seed Oil
* 10ml Coconut Oil
* 10ml Jojoba Oil
* 5-10 drops any essential oil ( eg rosemary or lemongrass) to counter the nutty smell. (Optional)

*  Mix oils and massage into your scalp and hair. Cover hair for 30minutes and condition the hair.

Shelf Life: Please note that due to hemp seed oil's polyunsaturated nature, it can go rancid easily. It is therefore IDEAL to refrigerate your hemp oil to maintain it's nutrients.

Hope this post helped.

Much Love & Stay Blessed!

If you need to buy Hemp Seed Oil, please check the Amazon widget on the right hand side of this blog and purchase it from there whether you are in the UK/Rest of the world or USA.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Coconut Oil and it's Amazing Benefits!

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you well.  This week I am all on the oils I use and how they have really helped my hair to become thick and bouncy.

The next oil on my list is coconut oil, I started using coconut oil since day one of going natural and I must say it's a bum!. Try it and you will never regret.

Please note that there are so many types of coconut oils on the market but the ones that are extra virgin or organic cold pressed are the best since they have the nutrients and aroma in place.

What Is Coconut Oil?
Coconut Oil is an oil derived from the meat of coconut and usually cold pressed to maintain all of its nutrients.

Benefits of Coconut Oil:
Coconut Oil has so many benefits; hair care, skin care, weight loss, increased immunity, heart diseases, high blood pressure and many more. The presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid causes the oil to have so many benefits and thus has antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and soothing properties.

Hair Care Benefits:
I must say coconut oil is one of the best natural conditioners for hair as it helps in the healthy growth of hair. Massaging coconut oil regularly on the scalp helps alleviates dandruff and lice. In fact it also acts like the natural sebum on the scalp so this helps with dry scalp.
People in the Indian sub-continent, use coconut oil daily on their hair and this has resulted in their very long healthy hair.
Coconut oil helps with the re-growth of damaged hair and this is due to the essential proteins it provides the hair.

Skin Care Benefits:
Coconut oil is a great massage oil and an effective moisturizer for the skin. Its benefits can somehow be compared to mineral oil just that unlike coconut oil, there is no side effect when applied to the skin or hair. Coconut oil helps with skin conditions like eczema,psoriasis and dermatitis.
Coconut oil also helps prevent premature aging due to its antioxidant properties.

How to Apply Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil can be applied as a hot oil treatment; when the oil is warmed and massaged into the scalp and hair. For best results, apply to dry hair and cover the hair with plastic cap for some hours to allow the oil to penetrate the hair. Condition the hair after the treatment and style as desired.

Look out for products with coconut oil and other good ingredients that will feed your hair.

Let me know your thoughts on coconut oil and how it has helped your hair.

Click here for health benefits of coconut oil,

If you need to buy Coconut Oil, please check the Amazon widget on the right hand side of this blog and purchase it from there whether you are in the UK/Rest of the world or USA.

Hope this post helped

Much Love & Stay Blessed!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Hidden Secrets of Avocado Oil 2

Hello everyone,

 Hope this post finds you well.
We are continuing on the fabulous Avocado Oil. There are different ways in which one can use avocado oil as a treatment oil.

1. Avocado Oil can be used on its own:

*Pour about 3Tbs of avocado oil into an applicator bottle, any clean small bottle or bowl.
*Heat some water in a small bowl and stand the bottle in the bowl of hot water or the bowl of oil on a flame (Do not use a microwave).
*Check after a few seconds to see if the oil is warm.
This is called Hot Oil Treament or you could add other oils like Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil.

How To Treat the Hair with the Hot Oil:

Section your hair and apply the hot oil section by section by massaging into the scalp and smoothing on the hair.
Do not use too much oil that will drip, a little bit of oil is enough.
Cover the hair with a plastic cap and a hot towel or sit under the dryer for about 30mins. You could keep the plastic cap on for hours or overnight. Note that applying the oil to dry hair gives the best results. The reason being whenthe hair wet, the oil cannot penetrate the hair because water and oil do not mix.

2. Add Avocado Oil to Homemade Conditioners:
Add 1 Tbs of avocado oil to your homemade conditioners. This could be a mixture of  natural yogurt, mayonnaise, avocado, banana, lemon juice, egg white or egg yolk and any essential oil you prefer. There is a post on homemade conditioner on this blog so please check it out.

3. Add Avocado Oil to your Conditioner:
 It is ideal to add oils to your conditioners before applying to your hair. Mix 1tbs of avocado oil to your favourite conditioner but remember you could add more if you are using more conditioner.

Let us know the outcome of these treatments or if you already do it why don't you share your experience with us.

Much Love & Stay blessed!

If you need to buy Avocado Oil, please check the Amazon widget on the right hand side of this blog and purchase it from there whether you are in the UK/Rest of the world or USA.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Hidden Secrets of Avocado Oil 1

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you very well. I am very excited because I have started blogging again!

How is your hair and skin? Anything you want to share with us, please do so because sharing makes us all grow our gorgeous hairs together.

Today I will be talking about yet another great oil; Avocado Oil. Since I went natural 21 months ago, I had never tried it until I decided to try it this month. My goodness!! I just love it.

First of all, Avocado is classed as a vegetable which yields a deep penetrating oil rich in Vitamins A, D & E, lecithin and potassium. It also contains proteins, beta-carotene and more than 20% unsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are palmitoleic, stearic, palmitic, oleic and linoleic.

Benefits to the skin:
Avocado is high in sterolins which are known to reduce age spots.
It is easily absorbed into deep tissue and very ideal for mature  skin due to its emmolient properties.
It is mostly used for people with dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Benefits to the hair:
Avocado Oil is very good for moisturising dry, damaged and brittle hair and especially for chemically treated hair; relaxed hair, dyed hair and permed hair.
If you want to restore your hair, avocado oil will be a good oil for that or a product that contains avocado oil and other good oils.
The vitamins in the oil helps nourish, feed the hair follicles & scalp and protect the hair from free radicals with the presence of vitamin E.
It helps to lock in moisture and the proteins promote healthy cell growth to maintain a healthy scalp. The reason why Avocado oil gives shine and softness is due to its high levels of fatty acids.

Best Use: Avocado Oil can be used on wet hair but you will achieve better results when used on dry hair.

My Experience: We at Sheabeutimia love this oil so much that it's one of the favourite oils used for our hair and skin care products.

If you need to buy Avocado Oil, please check the Amazon widget on the right hand side of this blog and purchase it from there whether you are in the UK/Rest of the world or USA.



Much Love & Stay blessed!

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How To Prevent Dry Lips

Hi Beauties,

Hope this post finds you well. I really appreciate you.

Today I will be showing how you can prevent your lips from becoming dry. To start with me, I have very dry skin and lips maybe it's because I have used products that take moisture out of my skin and lips for a long time thus the results.

Well, my eyes are opened now and it's natural homemade products all the way. Natural homemade products because they contain ingredients that do not harm me in any way be it short or long term.

To start with,

*You will need 1/2 teaspoon of Brown Sugar. Brown sugar because the granules exfoliate naturally.

* 1/2 teaspoon Olive Oil because of its natural moisturising features.


Mix all together to resemble rough sand.

Scrub away the dead skin by applying to your lips then rinse with water.

Apply your natural Lip Balm to prevent the lips from drying.


Please Note: If you are using commercial lip balms, make sure they don't contain petrolatum or petroleum because they will dry out your lips and cannot penetrate into your lips to moisturise. Also note that since you have used lip balms with petroleum for a long time, your lips will take time to regain its moisture.

* Our online store is now launched. We are manufacturers of homemade cosmetics like Conditioners, Shampoos, Lip Balms, Hair and Body Creams, Hair Serums and many more!

Have a wonderful day

Stay blessed and healthy!



Much Love!

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