Monday, 29 October 2012

The Secret To Buying Natural Oils

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We have talked about some very good oils and now the question is Are You Buying Fresh or Rancid Oils?
To enlighten you a bit on where to buy oils, I would like to share that though natural oils are very good, it is very easy to buy rancid oils on the market.

 Natural oils are good because they penetrate the skin and expire within a few months or years. That's a good thing but the sad part is most companies sell oils that have gone off. 

How long carrier and essential oils last differs with each oil and their chemical stability. So whiles  coconut oil and jojoba oils may last for a few years, carrot, borage and evening primrose may last for about 10-12 months.
When it comes to essential oils, most steam distilled ones will last up to at least 2 years whilst absolutes and phytols last up to 5 years and beyond.
Mixing oils also count because if you mix almond oil which is very stable with carrot oil then the shelf life will certainly come down.

Most carrier oils will last between 9 - 15 months and grape seed oil which is very amazing closes behind to around 6 -9 months. The reason why these carrier oils go rancid easily is due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids which tends to oxidise quickly if it's not stored properly.

Oxidisation  means "the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electrons; always occurs accompanied by reduction".(Free

 So every time you pour your oil or shake it, it's rancidity gets closer. Essential oils on the other hand, do not go rancid but degrade into a state that its therapeutic properties diminishes. 

This is a very good reason why buying carrier and essential oils in smaller sizes is ideal rather than buying in larger sizes. If the oil is not going to be used up quickly, it is not cost effective.
It would be ideal to decant 10ml citrus essential oils into 5ml bottles since they have the shortest of shelf lives.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

My First Blow Dry

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Hope this post finds you well. By the way the good news is that I have a driving licence now so there is going to be Meet Ups for sure. The one on Skype will resume very soon, please forgive me for the break. 

So I decided to blow dry my hair but not bone straight though. Below are the results:

Products for Pre-Blow Dry: Applied Sheabeutimia Leave -In Conditioner and then Sheabeutimia Growth Serum.

My Reaction: I was very happy to see my hair blow dried for the first time in 22 months.

Will I do it again?: I don't think I will blow dry my hair in a long time.

My Experience: After 1 day, my hair felt softer but drier than normal and it shrunk again!!  I said to myself, if my hair will shrink even when I blow dry then I would go with my flexi rods. Lol


I twisted a bit of the side and held it to the back.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Share your blow dry experience with us so we know what's going on with other hairs.

"You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made".

xoxo Jo

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

How Porous Is Your Hair?

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Tip: As the weather is changing everywhere around the world; cold and sunny weathers, this is the time for us to cover our hairs to prevent the hair from becoming too dry and brittle.

Well, today I am asking the question, "How Porous Is Your Hair?"

Some of us might have heard the word porous but have no idea how it relates to hair.
Porosity is how the hair is able to absorb water or any chemical into it's cortex. Every hair whether it is relaxed or in its natural state is naturally able to absorb water to itself but how long the water being absorbed remains in the hair differs with each person and how their hair's cuticle is shaped.

 When the hair goes through trauma; permanent colouring or chemical relaxing, the structure of the hair changes by normally tearing the cuticles that lie on the hair. This is when the hair is said to be porous.
Hair that doesn't absorb moisture easily has low porosity and has the cuticles lying tightly close to the hair. Naturally, black hair is less porous than Caucasian or Asian hair but it is ideal to have hair that has neither low porosity or high porosity because such hair retains moisture and absorbs moisture.

The hair becomes highly porous and therefore changes the structure of the hair (cuticles not lying close to the hair) when it goes through abuses like constant blow drying, straightening, chemical relaxers, colours and using shampoos which contain sulphates.

You would say then it's good to have very porous hair because your hair will absorb moisture well but the problem is highly porous hair absorbs water very well when it's wet but dries out quickly when it's drying up.
Highly porous hair when dry, is rough because the cuticles do not lie flat on the hair and if care isn't taken to rectify the issue, the hair will be dry for a long time.

Tips For Relaxed and Coloured Treated Hairs:
 Since alkaline chemicals are used in relaxing and colouring the hair and heat as well opens the cuticle layers of the hair so to reach its cortex, the cuticles close after the treatment but do not remain as they were before these treatments were done.This makes hairs that are chemical treated, colour treated or heat abused become very porous and the only way to maintain a medium porous hair is to make the cuticles lie close to the hair and also a cut back on frequent relaxing, colouring and the use of heat will help.

How Do You Maintain Your Hairs Porosity: For All Hair Types.

*Products with low PH closes the hair's cuticles and this can be applied to hair weekly.

*Using neutralzsing shampoos after relaxing or any other time can help close your cuticles.

* The other product I personally love is apple cider vinegar which I use weekly and this has helped my hair to be neither less porous or highly porous. This can be used as a final rinse for the hair.
Apple Cider Vinegar.

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar and Bottled or Purified Water.

Measure 250ml of bottled or purified water and add 15ml of apple cider vinegar.

Testing For Your Hair's Porosity:
After freshly washing your hair, gather a small section of the hair and use your thumb and index finger to slide from the tip of the hair to the roots. If you experience some roughness then your hair is bit porous.

Also if your hair wets so easily before shampooing then it's porous.

Hope this post helped

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

Much Love & Stay Blessed!

Jo xoxo

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