Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Liebster Award!

Thanks to the beautiful Crowning Glory who has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank You Crowning Glory!

How the Liebster Award works:
1.      Each person must post 11 random things about themselves (optional)
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger set for you.
3. Choose 11 bloggers who you would like to give the Liebster Award.
4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you have tagged with the award to answer. 
Random stuff is optional but I will give you a few;

Crowning Glory's Questions:

1.      Chocolate or vanilla?  Ans: Vanilla
2.      Swim or gym?    Ans: None cos I work out from home.
3.      Flats or heels?   Ans: Heels not the killer ones though.
4.      Silver or Gold?  Ans: Oh man! everyone loves gold isn't it. Gold!
5.      Flat iron or roller setting?  Ans: Flexi Rods which is close to roller setting
6.      Weaves or wigs?    Ans: None, can't stand them.
7.      Facebook or twitter?  Ans: Facebook
8.      Fruit salad or fruit juice? Ans: Fruit Salad
9.      If you had to be a vegetarian which protein would you miss beef, poultry or seafood? Ans: Poultry.
10.  Three famous people either fictional or real you would love to meet? Ans: Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and Morrice Chestnut.
11.  What’s your favourite natural oil? Ans: Coconut Oil

Now here are the beautiful bloggers I have nominated.
5. Freda Fro 
11. OIA 

Now My Questions:
1.What's your favourite hairstyle?
2. What's your hair length?
3. Which do you prefer? Denman brush or fingers for detangling
4. Puff or bun?
5.What's your hair goal?
6. Which do you prefer? Vlogging or blogging
7. What's your best hair moment?
8. Facebook or Google+
9. Twists or Twists Outs?
10. Flat Twists or Corn Roll?
11. How is your journey in one word?

This award is awarded to new and old bloggers.

Have a blessed week.
'You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made'

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Curly Hair Growth Chart by NaturallyCurly!

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you well. This is a simple but informative way of growing hair.

Hope this helped!

'You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made'


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True African!

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are all well by God's grace.

This craft shows how the African prints could be versatile. Click here to visit their website.

This is very unique!

Source: jubella.com via Naana on Pinterest

Hope You Love It!

'You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made'



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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Three Key Steps To A Good Moisturising Routine

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you well.

Today I would like to share with you how I moisturise my hair and how it has helped me.

This post is just to shed more knowledge on my first post on moisturising the hair so it's going to be simple but packed with information.

Three Key Steps are:

1. Applying Liquid; be it water, hydrating spritz which is filled with good ingredients.= L

2. Oiling; this could be a serum or any oil you love but there are some oils that will soften the hair e.g: Avocado Oil. = O

3. Cream; this is where I would like to shed some information. When it comes to the cream part, most people will use just butters. = C

= LOC.

Though this was the normal thing in my first years of going natural, when I started using a leave-in conditioner daily from my first year of being natural, my hair story changed. It got better and better.

Using just the butter will not moisturise the hair because the butter is an oil as well.
It's true the spritz or water wets the hair but you need some sort of conditioner which will soften the strands so the cuticles can close.
The purpose of a conditioner is to soften the hair strand and close every cuticle that is opened during cleansing.


1. Wet the hair with a little water or spritz especially if your hair is in a protective style.

2. Apply a little bit of a leave-in conditioner then a little bit of hair cream which is butter based because the butter protects the hair from the sun, wind and cold weathers.

3. Apply the oil at the final stage. This is because oil repels things so if you apply the oil first or second, the other products will be repelled by the oil. Since oil repels things then you would want to apply it last so it seals in the moisture you have already applied to your hair.

The Products I Use In Moisturising:

This hair spritz is fortified with Herbs, Sulphur , Aloe  Vera and many goodies. I Love It!
 It solved my itchy scalp problem so it's my baby.

This leave-in makes my hair so soft and manageable.
My hair tangles a lot so a need such a product to loosen it .

This growth serum is a bum! Everyone who has tried it loves it!
It has herbs, enriched with good oils and essential oils.

All the above products are from the sheabeutimia brand. We use 100% natural ingredients  and  affordable to all.
To buy any of our products please visit www.sheabeutimia.co.uk

Do You Use A Leave-In Conditioner Everyday or Do You Plan On Starting? Share Your Experience With Us.

Hope this helped!

'You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made'



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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Word Of Encouragement!

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you very well.

So I am still enjoying the challenge and though there are times that I feel I should take the style out and rock my hair, I look into the future and say to my self "the day will come" lol.

My hair is growing well and I am amazed how soft it has become recently.

Well enough about my hair, hope your hair is doing well. The reason why some of us have taken the time to write our journeys and share the knowledge we have about hair is to help others who do not know what to do with their hair. We at sheabeutimia especially are here for you in terms of hair consultation and the right products for your hair and skin. So please do not hesitate to call, email or even Whatsapp us.

Though there is more to life than hair, our hair is our glory therefore we need to take good care of it. So if you feel bad that your hair is in a mess or damaged and nothing can be done, I would like to encourage you that something can be done. Just seek help.

As a beautician when I come across ladies who feel so bad because they have so much blemishes on their skin. The first step is to calm down their stress by encouraging them. The more stressed we are, the more hair we lose and the more our skin reacts negatively.

Let's stay positive each and everyday even when things aren't going well because the word of God tells us to give thanks in all things.

Live life and live it to the fullest, stay blessed!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Email: jocelyn@sheabeutimia.co.uk

Hope this helped!



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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Mini Twists Monthly Hair Challenge

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you well.

This post is to purposely announce that 'The Mini Twists Hair Challenge' is still on!!! (Nov 2012 - April 2013)
You could put in mini twists, twists, braids or any other protective styling you want but we are trying to use just our hairs be it relaxed or natural to see how it grows.

For the past two years of growing my hair, I have braided my hair with extensions only twice and my hair has grown so nicely so I believe our hair does grow weather it's in extensions or without.

The reason why I don't use extension that much is so that within the month of the challenge, I could rinse my hair or even condition with the twists in. Also I have been addicted to extensions for 10 years so the last two years of extension free life makes it worthwhile.

Things To Do During The Challenge:
* Moisturize your hair daily with Liquid, Oil and Cream
*Rinse hair when you feel the strands are built up with products.
* You could do so many styles with your twists in if your hair is long.
* Take out protective styling at the end of the month and deep treat then put in another style.

Advantage of Joining This Challenge:
*Low Manipulation on the hair therefore the growth is retained.

At The End Of February We Will Be Sharing Our Hair Growth So Please Send Your Photos To jocelyn@sheabeutimia.co.uk or upload on our Facebook Fan Page 

Products I Have Been Using:

For the past year I have been using my own product line which is
100% natural ingredients. These products have helped my hair become very manageable and brought sheen to the hair. The unique thing about these products is that they have herbs and oils that will nourish and grow the hair. As a proverb goes that 'salt does not compliment itself'', why not try it and see for yourself.

Coconut Milk Conditioner

 Leave In Conditioner

Conditioning Shampoo

Hair Growth serum and many others.

Hope this helps.

"You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made"

To order the sheabeutimia products, please email sales@sheabeutimia.co.uk. We have more products coming out soon!!!



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Friday, 11 January 2013

Two Years Of Natural Hair Growth!

Washed hair and twisted it with the
sheabeutimia Leave In  Conditioner.
After taking out my one month old mini twists.

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you well.

So the 1st of January 2013 was my 2 Year Nappiversary and I am very excited about it.

What I have learnt in the past 2 years is tremendous and the one thing I wouldn't do again is trim my hair on a regular basis. If there are no split ends or breakage then I need to leave my hair ALONE!

The Things I Will Be Doing More Often Are:
*Continue  using the Sheabeutimia Product line because they help my hair a lot.
*Deep Condition on every wash day
*Use Protein Treatment, this could be the homemade or store bought every two weeks.

Enjoy The Photos:

The Mini Twist Challenge is still on going so if you are interested please join us or if you need more information on it, don't hesitate to email me jocelyn@sheabeutimia.co.uk or comnment.

How Is Your Hair Journey Going? Please Share Your Experience With Us.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

"You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made"


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