Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Arrival Of My First Natural Baby

Hello Beauties,

Hope this post finds you all very well. As my frequent readers will know, I was expecting a baby and this post is to announce that the baby arrived!!

So on the 19th August, I decided to make some hair products so at least I know I don't have to worry too much when the baby arrived and this made me stand on my feet for about six hours. After standing for that long, I thought my waters had gone. If I say my waters had gone it means the amniotic fluid that the baby lies in broke.

We went to the hospital and I was checked, only to realise my waters hadn't gone but apparently I was contracting which meant I was in labour. Meanwhile, I was due on the 22nd August but when my consultant realised I was in labour, he decided to keep me in at the hospital and have a caesarean section done the next day.

The labour became intense during the night but I had to wait till the following morning. So in the afternoon around 12pm, I was taken to the theatre to have the c-section done.

At exactly 12:31pm, all I heard was "it's a girl!" My hubby and I said "huh!" We said that because when we had our scan, the sonographer told us it was 95% boy, but we didn't want to believe it because within us we wanted a girl to climax the two boys we have already.

 This was my first natural baby and miraculously got a baby girl to top it all. I am so grateful to God for this supernatural surprise.

Hope You Enjoyed Reading.



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